Supported project: Láthatatlan Iskola (Invisible School)
Organization behind the project: Rotary International

Invisible School

Our Rotaract met an autistic boy a few months ago, who is a private student at a local high school which doesn’t support him as prescribed in his rights. They found out from his family that autism and other disabilities are seen as a problem and burden. Many childrens’ lives are ruined because they are born into bad circumstances and don’t see a way out, a possibility to improve and they don’t have anybody to help and believe in them. “The thought that many kids are out there who don’t have the chance granted by their fundamental rights to participate in a sufficent education system and build their future, gave us the basis of our project”- said the founders.
The Invisible School gives a chance to these kids in Debrecen and its agglomerations. The target group of the project is the socially disadvantaged group of 5-25 years old youth. By their education, Rotaract Főnix aims to improve their living standards and future perspectives.
Mentors – would they be teachers, university students, pensioners, engineers, carpenters – are matched with groups of students, where they participate in a wide range of classes from elementary school tutoring to preparing to end of high school exams. By this, they will acquire skills vital for their life.
Beside this, the project has an impact on the city’s community, hopefully promoting social sensitivity, convergence and positive attitude towards each other. The goal of the group is not to give succes, result and direct financial or material aid to the kids but to make the experience the joy of their own achivements. They think this is the biggest scarcity of today’s society so they try to teach the children to find the reason to wake up and fight every morning. This way the flame will burn in them for long and will get self-flammable in time.

Goals, visions:
To get at least 80% of the participants’ life circumstances, living environment, time-orientation and finances improved.
To achieve a growth of morivation and a positive attitude towards improvement of school performance in at least 80% of participants, to help proper education. Stabile emotional control, optimism.
To achieve improvement in general intellectual and logical abilities, and strong self-reflection during challenging situations in at least 80% of participants.
To secure further workforce in the city by helping at least 80% of participants get their high school diploma.

Short-term goals: (1 year)
mentoring of 40-120 kids
contacting 5 elementary and high schools in debrecen
1 mentor / group of 3 kids -> 30 permanent and 20 occasional mentors
fix facility and further classrooms

A working system in which 120 underprivileged children can access education. In the program 30 qualificated mentors help the kids with other occasional and volunteer mentors.
A strong cooperation with a minimum of 10 further organizations.

Long term goals:
mentoring of 150-300 kids
contacting 25-30 elementary and high schools in Debrecenand Hajdu-Bihar county
groups of 3 students for every mentor
60 permanent and 40 occasional mentors
expansion of the Invisible School, reaching more children within the area and inclusion of villages.
Cooperation with more organisations, introducing the project to other counties and possible implementation